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  Our Featured Promotion: Ladies Only - Stepping Out by Pastor Tony Smith

Ladies Only - Stepping Out
by Pastor Tony Smith

Paperback Book: $15.00
Audio CD of Book: $25.00
Paperback Book & Audio CD Combo: $30.00

Ladies Only - Stepping Out

Product Description

Two of a woman's most commonly used words are, "I wish."

"I wish I were prettier, I wish I were wealthier, I wish I had a husband, I wish I were single, or I wish that my children would act as if they had more sense."

Ladies Only, Stepping Out lays an empowering foundation that will transform you into the woman you've always dreamed of becoming! Each chapter will enlighten you on the inner-workings of a woman's mind, which is the gateway to her emotions and responses. Understanding your thought pattern will not only help you to pinpoint your own challenges that stop growth, but it will also give you insight as to how and why those challenges affect others. Changing the way you think will help you to change the way you live.

If you want to unveil your hidden beauty, win the battle against low self-esteem, boost your confidence, overcome the cycle of bad debt, or strengthen your relationships, this life-changing book is for you!